is your oasis to explore yourself in a calm, nourishing environment of sensuality, movement, sound, breath and community (circles).

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Soma Space – Your Space to BE

SOMA SPACE is a holistic wellness studio, a mediterranean oasis in the urban jungle of Hamburg Sternschanze.
The space, a mirror to our work, is a bridge from our modern day-to-day business, arriving into the calm, whole, inner space


“SOMA” roots in Greek and translates as “the body”, as we truly believe that through this bodytemple of ours we can move and open into all layers of body – the mental, emotional and spiritual.
In Hindu Tradition “SOMA” was a sacred drink connecting with the divine realms and we truly believe that our vessels alone can be the gateway to remembering our innate divinity.
Nothing “far outside there”, but something that is innate in us, that place of wholeness.

With the body, through the body, into the bodies.

“We believe that our SOMA is our body temple, its essence, the heart, our most powerful force and the space where we remember our connection with another and the Earth”