Who We Are

We are

Gwen and Sofia and believe that our SOMA is our body temple, its essence, the heart, our most powerful force and the space where we remember our connection with another and the Earth.

We have the potential for anything we want to create in this world within us, and our mission is to hold space for all that is not THAT to be metamorphosed into our full, true expression.

Both experiencing the „successes“ of the fast paced, overstimulating environments of our music and fashion world we felt stressed, disconnected and somewhat incomplete.

Exploring ourselves through somatic practices, ancient wisdom traditions and personal development over many years we felt ourselves and connection to the world around us morph, deepen, expand.

Feeling the positive effects of our modern spiritual practices we started to hold spaces individually and once we met, it was the rememberance of a dream team.
We felt the call to create the bridge we so much needed when we felt at dis-ease.
The vision for SOMA SPACE was born.

We don’t always have to travel to the furthest mountain to arrive in that peace of mind, it is possible right now, right here, right as you are.

We believe in our innate body wisdom.
We believe in our innate connection.
We believe in the power of our hearts.

SOMA SPACE is your oasis to explore yourself in a calm, nourishing environment of sensuality, movement, sound, breath and community (circles).